Piston Motor Swing Boom Cutter

Powered by a direct drive piston motor, the Lackender by ECS Piston Motor Swing Boom Cutter tackles cutting banks, trails, fence lines and right of ways easily with the 96″ horizontal reach. When extended vertically, you can clear unwanted tree limbs up to 16′ high, or use as a side cutter with the attachment’s ability to swing to the right.

A flow of  17-27gpm is required for the Piston Motor Swing Boom Cutter. For machines with a flow of 14-20gpm, check out our Swing Boom Cutter skid steer attachment.

  • Direct Drive Piston Motor with Maximum 4,000 PSI
  • 3″x16″ Tilt Cylinders
  • ⅝” AR400 Blades
  • 44″ Cut
  • 4″ Cutting Capacity
  • Requires Case Drain
  • Universal, 7 Pin, 8 Pin, and 14 Pin Wiring Harnesses Available
  • Powder-coated Finish
  • Protective Sleeve on Hydraulic Hoses
  • John Deere and Euro Mounts Available

17-27gpm and case drain required.


Lackender by ECS products are covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty and are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of 12 months from initial sale.

Weight N/A

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